Active in Nature

“Bear trails” invite you to learn about bears and how they live. These guided hikes are focused towards experiencing bear habitat and signs that wild bears leave in their natural environment. While walking in the forest, you will be able to witness signs of certain bear behaviours (i.e., marking and rubbing on trees) and other signs of bear presence in the area (tracks, footprints, …) and explore and learn about the impact of the species to its environment (i.e., on other animals, the forest and humans).

Bear trail products are guided walking tours through the forest for 4 – 10 people, suitable also for families with children older than 8 years, lasting 2 – 4 hours. Your local guide will reveal you the secrets of the forest, bears and other wildlife.

Wolf tracking adventure in Trnovo forest

Take a half day tracking adventure with our skilled nature guides with the wealth of knowledge about the local area and its wildlife. We will put on snowshoes, leave the road behind and explore the surrounding winter forests looking for tracks and other signs of wolf presence.

Howl with the wolves

Wilderness, silence, peaceful summer evening in the heart of a real forest. The forest that is a home to many rare wildlife species, including large carnivores – Eurasian lynx, golden jackals, brown bears and wolves. Imagine spending a night in the forest, these carnivores might already be aware of your presence. Are you ready to spot them? Can you recognize and read tracks and signs of wild animals? Are you ready for once in a lifetime wilderness adventure? Would you like to contribute to the conservation and management of the wolves in Slovenia?

Wildlife experience in old Ličko sredogorje

The passionate nature lover will enjoy this program. We will make sure that you will be able to experience everything you have always dreamed of when it comes to wildlife encounters. You will explore the magnificent part of Velebit Mountain area, either by hiking or from a horse back or from the field vehicle. There will be time for observing and photographing amazing nature scenery, seeing different wildlife species, and with some luck you might even get a chance to see bears or wolves. The bear (and other wildlife) watching is possible from the elevated hides. All these experiences will help you to learn and gain understanding of the bear and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Following the bear footprints

Hiking, photography and adventure lovers, this is  for you. No wifi, no shops, but pure nature and responsible entry into the bear habitat. Following the pear paw sign, the path reveals to you the most beautiful parts and secrets of the forest of Kočevsko. A real adventure awaits you!

The bear bicycle adventure

Imagine to end the day you spent on an epic tour with your mountain bike, in the untouched nature. You await the night in a tent or under the clear sky. This is the essence of backpacking.The bear trail bikepacking program is further upgrading of the regular bikepacking. We added yet another adventure – wildlife watching in their natural environment. You will cycle through the intact natural environments which are still dominated by wild animals (bears, lynxes, foxes and wolves).  Thorough escape from civilization, everyday stress and worries.