Howl with the wolves

Trip Summary

Wilderness, silence, peaceful summer evening in the heart of a real forest. The forest that is a home to many rare wildlife species, including large carnivores – Eurasian lynx, golden jackals, brown bears and wolves. Imagine spending a night in the forest, these carnivores might already be aware of your presence. Are you ready to spot them? Can you recognize and read tracks and signs of wild animals? Are you ready for once in a lifetime wilderness adventure? Would you like to contribute to the conservation and management of the wolves in Slovenia?
We offer you a unique opportunity to discover the forest and its wild inhabitants in a special way. Our tour runs in close cooperation with researchers of University of Ljubljana who developed wolf howling method within the awarded SloWolf project and are in charge of the national wolf population monitoring. You will be able to directly take part in the monitoring and learn how to locate territorial wolf packs in nature. Data collected during your howling trip will be used in a national wolf monitoring census and will help researchers locate territorial packs and detect wolf litters of the year. Maybe you will have a unique opportunity to hear wolves howling in the wild. Enjoy this thrilling experience while actively contributing to wolf conservation in Slovenia! Moreover, with every reservation made through Discover Dinarics, you will be donating 5 percent of the profit to non-governmental organizations active in nature conservation in the Dinarics.
Our tour includes a detailed presentation of wolves’ biology, ecology and research in Slovenia in an intimate setting of a forest hut. You will learn how to howl before you head out for a howling adventure and find out how to identify wolf prints before exploring the forest, looking for fresh tracks, scats and other signs of wolf and other animals presence, with your experienced outdoor guide and researcher.

What do you need: headlamp, hiking shoes, warm clothes.

Highlights: possibility of hearing wolves howl in their natural, search for signs of presence of bears, wolves and other wildlife species, an unforgettable experience of forest at night.

Your guides:

Nina Ražen, biologist

Since she was a child she always loved to discover Slovenia. During her biology studies she joined several research societies and groups. She did most research on marine mammals and large carnivores (wolf, lynxes and bear). Nina graduated from wolf biology and is now doing her PhD on Habitat use of wolves (Canis lupus) in human-dominated landscape. She worked as field researcher for the awarded SloWolf project. Curiosity, research, work and passion for travelling took her to spend many years discovering secret corners of the world and Slovenia. Being biologist, scout, alpine and tourist guide, she gained many experiences from different fields. She has much to show you.

Petra Draškovič Pelc, PhD

Petra is a curious researcher of nature, a professional photographer, avid traveler, tourist and interpretive guide, in addition she holds a Ph.D. in the field of biomedicine. She is an active nature interpreter and guide and takes part in different research, photographic and conservation projects. Inspired by nature, she loves serenity, solitude, and light of wild natural places like Alaska, as well the beauty of untouched nature of Slovenia including Kočevsko, the secret forest of Slovenia. Through her work, she expresses her love and admiration for nature.


  • Price: 205 EUR (VAT included) for 6 participants, 230 EUR (VAT included) for 5 people, 270 EUR (VAT included) for 4 people.
  • Duration: 1,5 days
  • Physical difficulty: medium
  • Suitable for families with older children, couples, individuals, small groups
  • The possibility of meeting: bears, wolves, lynxes, owls, forest birds
  • Season: August and September
  • Location: Pivka and Kočevje
  • Maximum group size: 6



Day 1 - Monitoring of wolves with wolf howling methodology

Meeting with your guide in Ljubljana at 2pm. Arrive at the forest hut, get comfortable and have some lunch. After lunch you will be given an in-depth lecture on wolf research in Slovenia and wolf howling methodology and forms. It is one of the official ways to locate territorial packs and to find out if they have reproduced. Your guide will teach you how to howl if you are ready to do it.

Before it gets dark you will go for a walk to explore the nearby forest, while watching out for wildlife. You will spend the night in an effort to make contact with one of Europe’s most elusive large carnivores in the hope we’ll get an answering howl. Please be aware that we are monitoring wild animals in nature and although the chances are high, there is no guarantee you will hear a wolf – but do not worry, spending the night in the forest is a magical experience.

Late at night we head back for a midnight snack and spend the night in the forest hut.

Day 2 – In search of wolf tracks

Wake up to a bird song, fresh air and breakfast with coffee in the middle of the forest. Join your guide at early morning forest walk. We will look for the signs from the previous nights’ activity and search for tracks, scats and other signs of large carnivore presence. Observations, navigation, filling the forms and collecting DNA samples for the analysis will make your day a day to remember. Enjoy the forest, unplug from the daily routine and reconnect with nature before head back to Ljubljana in the early afternoon.


205 Eur per person 

Price is based on group size of 6 participants; it may change according to the number of participants. Maximum number of participants is 6.

Price includes:

  • 1 x breakfast and midnight snack
  • 1x lunch
  • 1 overnight stay in a forest hut
  • Services (walks, lectures…) of a qualified and experienced guide and researcher during the program
  • Field transportation with the project car (max 6 people)
  • Wolf howling with a qualified and experienced guide and researcher

Price excludes:

  • Insurance
  • Hiking equipment
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transfer to meeting point
  • Other things that are not mentioned as included


  • on request

Additional offer

  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Before the beginning of the program the guide will provide you with all the detailed information about the program.
  • Fourteen days before the arrival you will receive all the detailed information about the implementation of the program.


The program “Howl with the wolves” starts and ends in Ljubljana. Your guide will pick you up at any location of your choosing in Ljubljana with the project car in drive you back to Ljubljana on the following day.

Air connection:
Ljubljana is served by the Ljubljana airport. There are 3 international airports within a maximum of 2 hours and a half drive from Ljubljana (Zagreb, Venice and Trieste). We offer organized transfers from all airports. If you are interested please contact us.

Train/bus connection:
International railway connections to Ljubljana are good. Ljubljana is also well connected by bus services to most parts of Europe.

Road connection:
Ljubljana is located at the crossroads of Slovenia’s most important road routes. Motorway access from any of the neighboring countries is very easy.