Wolf tracking adventure in Trnovo forest

Trip Summary

Snowshoe through the amazing winter scenery and learn how to trek one of the most elusive animals – the wolf.

Take a half day tracking adventure with our skilled nature guides with the wealth of knowledge about the local area and its wildlife. We will put on snowshoes, leave the road behind and explore the surrounding winter forests looking for tracks and other signs of wolf presence.

On top of learning the basic tracking skills, you can expect to get a much better insight into the lives and behaviour of wolves. Moreover, scats and other signs of wolf presence that you find will be recorded and sent to researchers of University of Ljubljana, who are in charge of the national wolf population monitoring and also partners in LIFE WOLFALPS project. Enjoy a day in the silence of the forest, while actively contributing to wolf conservation in Slovenia.

What do you need: hiking shoes, waterproof jacket and trouseres, snow gaiters, warm clothes, warm socks, hat, gloves, water bottle, walking poles.

Highlights: Snowshoe through winter wilderness while searching for signs of presence of wolves and other wildlife.


  • Date: 6 and 13 January, 2018  – both trips are fully booked!
  • Price: 15 EUR per person 
  • Duration: half a day
  • Physical difficulty: medium
  • Suitable for families, couples, small groups
  • Season: Winter
  • Location: Trnovo forest
  • Minimum group size: 3
  • Maximum group size: 6
  • Please be aware that although the chances are high, there is no guarantee you will find wolf tracks

Your guide

Nina Ražen, biologist

Since she was a child she always loved to discover Slovenia. During her biology studies she joined several research societies and groups. She did most research on marine mammals and large carnivores (wolf, lynxes and bear). Nina graduated from wolf biology and is now doing her PhD on Habitat use of wolves (Canis lupus) in human-dominated landscape. She worked as field researcher for the awarded SloWolf project. Curiosity, research, work and passion for travelling took her to spend many years discovering secret corners of the world and Slovenia. Being biologist, scout, alpine and tourist guide, she gained many experiences from different fields. She has much to show you.

Snowtracking adventure in Trnovo forest is part of the LIFE WOLFALPS project. The ultimate goal of the project is coexistence between wolf and man in the Alps and Europe. Within the project, wolf eco-tourism is promoted to achieve two important goals: to raise awareness among visitors about the presence of the predator and to ensure an economic return for the territory.



Snowshoe through winter wilderness

You will meet your guide at Biotehnical Faculty in Ljubljana. The tour starts with a lecture and slideshow presentation on basic wolf ecology, biology and research in Slovenia, before we head out for the tracking adventure in the nearby wolf territory. Your guide will also brief you on safety and proper behaviour when tracking wildlife.

After the lecture you will travel together with your guide to a nearby wolf territory. You will put on snowshoes and begin to scan the area for fresh tracks. Can you identify the footprints in the snow? Can you tell the difference between different prints? If you find a fresh wolf scat, your guide will show you how to collect a DNA sample for genetic analysis.  Don’t forget to look for signs of other animals living in the wolves’ territory: fox, chamois, wild boar and deer and most of all, enjoy the frozen winter landscape!

After tracking we will head back towards Ljubljana. We will stop to enjoy a well-deserved lunch on our way back.


15 EUR per person 

Price includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport from the meeting point and back
  • Snowshoe rental
  • Lunch

Price excludes:

  • Insurance
  • Hiking equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Transfer to Ljubljana
  • Other things that are not mentioned as included


The program “Wolf tracking adventure in Trnovo forest” starts and ends in Ljubljana.