Expirience coexistence

Connection between humans and nature is very important also for maintaining the coexistence with large carnivores. Bears are charismatic species but due to their large habitat requirements and opportunistic feeding behaviour, they can cause damages to local communities. Livestock depredations often result in strong emotional reactions and decrease people’s tolerance of bears which is the main treat to long-term bear conservation.

Our “coexistence products” promote the efficient protection of livestock, through the use of electric fences, shepherds and livestock guarding dogs. Efficient livestock protection can help to raise the acceptance of bears and other large carnivores and improve their long-term conservation.

Think about the possibility to become an assisting shepherd at remote pastures, staying at a unique tourist farm, learn both about the bears and other wildlife in the area, and about the countryside way of living while helping to achieve coexistence with large carnivores.

Bear friendly holidays on a farm

The program is designed for lovers of nature and genuine contact with local population. During the week of your stay at the tourist farm Pri Andrejevih, located in the bear area, you will become part of their everyday life and learn about various natural phenomena that have shaped the Karst landscape, as well about the magnificent wildlife in this area. The family impresses them with tasty, traditional home made food, which is hard to forget. You will take home knowledge and experience, and above all, new friendships.