A day out with the Bear

Trip Summary

Just one hour from the noise of Ljubljana you will find mighty tranquil forests filled with natural wonders, Notranjska hills and discover a rocky Karst soul. And it is here that we invite you to join our experienced guides to follow brown bear (Ursus arctos) trails. You will observe the action from the safety of a hunting hideout, high up, where you can watch this mighty animal in its natural environment. All our programs are based on the principle of humans cohabiting with brown bears. By participating, you are contributing to the ongoing conservation of the brown bear and its environment.

Join us on a guided walk through the forest and brown bear watching from a treetop hide.

What do you need:  hiking boots, hiking backpack, camera

Highlights: Hiking in the forest, looking for signs of bears presence,  bear watching, traditional homemade snack

Nature and bear friendly practices:
• Hiking in the nature
• Guided bear watching, following responsible bear watching guidelines
• Visit of the bear friendly Tourism Jure


  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Physical difficulty: low
  • Suitable for families, couples, small groups
  • The possibility of meeting: bears, stags, deer, forest birds
  • Season: May to September
  • Location: Lož
  • Minimum group size: 2
  • Maximum group size: 10


A Day out with the Bear

• At Tourist Information Centre Lož – Brown Bear Visitor Centre: we will teach you the principles of safe movement in the forest and successful observation. We will introduce you to the essential characteristics of the brown bear, his presence in Slovenia and his impact on everyday life of the people of the Lož valley (Loška dolina).

• Our experienced guide will take you to Gornje Poljane, a tiny village 1000 m above sea level, just 20 minutes from Lož. Hiking through the forest, we will find animal tracks, learn all about the plant life and tell stories about the interdependence of man and nature.

• You will also get the opportunity to learn more about country life in times gone by and see a wonderful collection of local farm and forestry tools & household items from the first half of the 20th century.

• For that local homemade taste and experience, a welcome drink (non-alcoholic or spirits) and traditional homemade snack awaits you.

• But the highlight of your evening will surely be sitting quietly, high up in the hunting hideout in the middle of the forest watching the animals safely and waiting for the visit of the brown bear.

Important information

  • You must book the tour in advance.
  • The tour usually commences around 1.00 pm, depending on the length of the day, but each tour is about 7 – 8 hours, of which 3 hours are spent in the treetop hunting hide.
  • The brown bear watching season is from April to the end of October. Observation takes place from treetop hunting hides (several metres up), which enable safe watching and photos. Our experienced guide will be with you throughout the entire programme.
  • The trip is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.


The program “A day out with the Bear” starts and ends in the town of Lož in the Municipality of Loška Dolina, in the south of Inner Carniola, about 60 km south of Ljubljana. When coming to Loška dolina valley from the north and over the Bloška polica plateau into the medieval Lož, the road leads straight into Stari trg pri Ložu, the administrative center of the municipality.