Following the bear footprints

Trip Summary

The program is designed for lovers of nature, hiking, photography and adventure. The path runs along the secluded paths of the Kočevje forests, home of bears and other wild animals. During this three-day guided hiking adventure, we will pay special attention to the responsible entry into the wildlife habitat. Therefore, a large part of the program is dedicated to learning about the life of wild animals, understanding their natural environments and the correct and controlled visit. We assure you that you will see real and painted bear footprints along the trail. The program includes all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. The accommodation is provided in forest huts in the middle of the Kočevje forest far away from civilization, without electricity and running water which adds charm to the adventure. Each day will begin with the traditional heavy breakfast and end with dinner prepared on the coals.

What do you need: camera, sleeping bag, hiking boots, hiking poles, hiking backpack, waterproof sportswear.

Highlights: Kočevsko Lake, Željnske Caves, Forest reserve Pugled – Žiben, saw Roška, Forest Reserve Rog, Forest reserve Rog, Virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog, Queen of Rog, Forest reserve Prelesnikova koliševka, the presence of predators and other wild animals, forest huts, traditional grilled dishes, workshop of baking bread on the coals.

Bear and/or environmentally friendly practices:

  • Sleeping and dining in forest huts
  • Walking is the only way of moving in the program
  • Roška walkway connects some of the most attractive natural sights of Kočevska.


  • Duration: 3 days
  • Physical difficulty: high
  • Suitable for families with older children, couples, individuals, small groups
  • The possibility of meeting: bears, wolves, lynxes, forest birds, owls, water birds of the Kočevje Lake
  • Season: April to October
  • Location: Kočevje with surroundings
  • Maximum group size: 8



Day 1 - For starters: Željnske Caves and first adventures

Our adventure begins at Kočevje Lake – we gather, introduce each other, check whether we have all the necessary equipment and briefly present the three-day adventure. We start our journey equipped with all the necessary information. Our first destination are the Željnske Caves which offered shelter to people 20,000 years ago. The path leads on to the forest reserve Pugled – Žiben where we will witness the cultural landscape which people had cultivated and nourished for 400 years and abandoned during the turmoil of the World War II. We will conclude the day in the forest hut with a snack, followed by a traditional feast (fish, potatoes, meat), prepared on the coals.

Day 2 - Meet the virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog and the Queen of Rog

We will climb the Mount Rog (1,099 m), the highest part of our journey, and visit the lookout tower at the top. Other highlights of the day are the saw Roška, the virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog where you will find contact with prehistoric times, inner peace and tranquillity of the centennial giants that will charm you and the fir tree – the Queen of Rog (50 m high, 160 cm thick, 500 years old). We will conclude our adventure in the forest hut with traditional dishes on the coals.

Day 3 – Experience the forest reserve Prelesnikova koliševka

The forest reserve Prelesnikova koliševka is a 70 m deep hollow cave covered with primeval virgin pine forest and diverse vegetation which can otherwise be found only in a cold climate, mountains, or in the far North. We will once again conclude our adventure by the Kočevje Lake, where we will say goodbye.


The program “Following bear footprints” starts and ends in the town of Kočevje which is located in the southern part of Slovenia.

Air connection:
There are 3 international airports within a maximum of 2 hours and a half drive (Brnik, Zagreb and Trieste) from Kočevje. We offer organized transfers from all airports. If you are interested please contact us.

Road connection:
Take the highway from Zagreb in the direction of Ljubljana. Leave the highway in Novo Mesto and follow the signs for Kočevje which is located only 50 km away from Novo Mesto. Leave the Ljubljana ring road at the exit for Kočevje which is located 60 km away from Ljubljana.

Additional Information

  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • Before the beginning of the program the guide will provide you with all the important information you need to know before starting the journey. Before the beginning of each daily tour the guide will provide you with all the detailed information about the daily program;
  • Fourteen days before the arrival you will receive all the detailed information about the implementation of the program.