In the heart of the bear land

Trip Summary

This program is designed for real gourmets with passion for wildlife observation and photography. We will make sure that in three days you will be able to experience and photograph everything you have always dreamed of. Besides observing and photographing bears from the hunting observatory, which was especially made for photo hunting, you will experience, learn and gain understanding of the bear and other wildlife environment. Understanding is crucial for a responsible visit – which is our main objective. Excessive human contact with wild animals can have a number of negative effects on their lives, therefore a properly controlled and guided visit assumes even greater importance. With the help of experienced hunters, guides and photographers you will also learn interesting stories and gain information that will place bears and other wildlife in a wider context. Of course, we did not forget the traditional cuisine which will complement the program. And finally, you will enjoy many other natural and cultural attractions in the heart of the bear land, that must seen and experienced.

What do you need: camera, hiking boots, hiking backpack, waterproof sportswear.

Highlights: Kočevsko Lake, saw Roška, Virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog, Queen of Rog, the presence of carnivores and other wild animals, Križna Cave, Lake Bloke, Castle Snežnik, Lake Cerknica, observing and photographing bears.

Bear and/or environmentally friendly practices:

  • The Heritage house: Visit of the organization that creates and explores the intangible cultural heritage.
  • Roška trail: walking along a part of the trail
  • Tourism Jure: traditional food and the bear trail



  • Price: We have put together an example itinerary for you so you can get an idea of what to expect on your “Bear bicycle adventure”. But the program is not set in stone. Please contact us and we will make you a tailor-made offer.
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Physical difficulty: medium
  • Suitable for families with older children, couples, individuals, small groups
  • The possibility of meeting: bears, wolves, lynxes, owls, forest birds
  • Location: Kočevje with surroundings, Loški potok, Loška dolina, Cerknica
  • Maximum number of participants: 8. There can be more than one group.



Day 1 - Experience Roška trail and the virgin forest

You will meet the guide in Loški potok which is also the centre of all the activities of the following three days. There your will leave your luggage and embark on the adventure. The guide will first present the entire program and explain everything you need to know before entering the bear land. Today’s adventure will take place in the region of Kočevska where you will see parts of Roška trail with attractions such as Kočevje Lake, Virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog, Queen of Rog etc. The guide will take care of all photo enthusiasts and show you the hidden corners of this mystical forest. In the evening you will go on a guided observation of bears from hunting observatory with a hunter. If weather conditions are not suitable, the observation will be postponed to one of the following days.

Day 2 - Exploring Lake Cerknica with over 230 species of birds

Our adventure continues after a hearty breakfast. Yesterday we headed towards East, today we are on our way towards north-west. We will visit Lake Cerknica and the museum where you will learn all the answers about the secrets of this remarkable phenomenon of Karst intermittent lake. The guide will present you the secrets of Karst phenomena in detail and take you on a guided bird photo hunt on Lake Cerknica which is known for its variety of birds. 94 species of birds are nesting in the area (among the most rare and endangered species are the corncrake, white-tailed eagle, bittern, whinchat, yellow wagtail, red-necked grebe, northern shoveler, common redshank, ferruginous duck, Eurasian curlew and scarlet dragonfly); over 270 species of birds have been seen in the area. In the evening we return to our accommodation.

Day 3 – Visit of the Križna Cave and the cave bear

Immediately after breakfast we will embark towards west where we will visit the Križna Cave. Besides the classic one-hour tour of the cave, you will also visit one of the most important sites of cave bear bones in the Bear Passage. This amazing experience is followed by the visit of the tourist farm where we will try traditional dishes and visit the themed bear trail with a guide. This will be followed by a guided tour of Snežnik and to our accommodation.


The program “In the heart of the bear land” starts and ends in Loški potok which is located in the southern part of Slovenia.

Air connection:
There are 2 international airports within a maximum of 2 hours and a half drive (Ljubljana and Trieste) from Loški potok. We offer organized transfers from all airports. If you are interested please contact us.

Road connection:
The easiest access to Loški potok is from Ljubljana; leave the Ljubljana ring road at the exit for Škofljica. Drive in the direction of Kočevje and in Ribnica turn on the road for Sodražica and continue towards Loški potok.

Additional information:

  • Maximum number of participants: 8. There can be more than one group.
  • Before the beginning of the program the guide will provide you all the necessary information. Before the beginning of each daily tour the guide will provide you with all the detailed information about the daily program;
  • Fourteen days before the arrival you will receive all the detailed information about the implementation of the program.

Additional offer:

  • Organized photo hunting and observation from the hunting observatory: 100 EUR (additional watching)
  • Another day focusing on the observation of wildlife, birds and insects on meadows, fishing, search for signs of large carnivores.
  • Additional activities before and after the program: hiking and cycling tours, rafting, guided tours through Slovenia, etc.
  • Additional reservation of accommodation
  • Transfers