Wildlife experience in old Ličko sredogorje

Trip Summary

The passionate nature lover will enjoy this program. We will make sure that you will be able to experience everything you have always dreamed of when it comes to wildlife encounters. You will explore the magnificent part of Velebit Mountain area, either by hiking or from a horse back or from the field vehicle. There will be time for observing and photographing amazing nature scenery, seeing different wildlife species, and with some luck you might even get a chance to see bears or wolves. The bear (and other wildlife) watching is possible from the elevated hides. All these experiences will help you to learn and gain understanding of the bear and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Understanding is crucial for a responsible visit – which is our main objective. Excessive human contact with wild animals can have a number of negative effects on their lives. Therefore a properly controlled and guided visit assumes even greater importance. With the help of experienced guides you will also hear interesting stories and gain information that will place bears and other wildlife in a wider context. Of course, we did not forget the traditional cuisine which will complement the program. And finally, you will enjoy many other natural and cultural attractions in the heart of the bear land that must be seen and experienced.

What do you need: camera, hiking boots, hiking backpack, waterproof sportswear, water containers.

Highlights: hiking to great views, wildlife watching, horse riding underneath Velebit Mountain, field vehicle ride, great local cuisine.



  • Duration: 3 nights/4 days
  • Physical difficulty: medium
  • Suitable for families with older children, couples, individuals, small groups up to 8 people maximum
  • The possibility of meeting: roe deer, red deer, wild boar, rabbits, birds, bears, wolves
  • Season: all year around
  • Location: Plješivica, Krbava, Udbina, Southern Velebit Mountain
  • Group size: 2-8



Day 1 – Arrival and dinner

You will meet your host in the afternoon and they will take you to their house in the hills of Breštane, where they will meet you with the excellent local made dinner. After the early dinner you will have the opportunity to spend the evening and the night in the hide waiting for wildlife watching and photographing opportunities. If you are lucky you might see even a wild bear or a wolf. There is a possibility to sleep in the hide or return to the house for sleeping.

Day 2 - Exploring the area underneath the Velebit Mountain from the horse saddle

After the breakfast we will go for a safari field vehicle ride to look for wildlife till the spot underneath the Velebit Mountain where we have our horses and from there we will go on a horse riding adventure in Southern Velebit area. The lunch will be prepared in the field (lunch packages are optional). Late in the evening we will return back where we will have dinner.

Day 3 – Ozeblin peak at Plješivica Mountain hike to admire the great views

Day for hiking to the Ozeblin peak (1.657 m) at Plješivica Mountain with a local guide, where we will admire great view on Croatian and Bosnian side and learn about wildlife in the area. In the afternoon we will come back and enjoy the dinner, prepared by our host. A bit of time for rest.

Day 4 – Time to leave after breakfast

Wake up to birdsongs and unspoilt nature. After breakfast it is time to say goodbye.


  • can also be tailor made on request


Important information

  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • Before the beginning of the program the guide will provide you all the necessary information. Before the beginning of each daily tour the guide will provide you with all the detailed information about the daily program.
  • Fourteen days before the arrival you will receive all the detailed information about the implementation of the program.


The program “Wildlife experience in Old Ličko Sredogorje” starts and ends in Udbine that are located in the heart of Old Ličko Sredogorje.

Air connection:
There are 2 international airports within a maximum of 2 hours drive from Zagreb and 1 hour from Zadar. We offer organized transfers from all airports, but are payed extra. If you are interested please contact us. 

Road connection:
The easiest access is by highway from Zadar to Gornja Ploča or by highway from Zagreb to Karlovac, then through Plitvice lakes National Park and follow the signs for Udbina.