About us

Discover Dinarics portal was established by the University of Ljubljana in the framework of LIFE DINALP BEAR project: Population level management and conservation of brown bears in northern Dinaric Mountains and the Alps (LIFE13 NAT/SI/000550).

The main objective of LIFE DINALP BEAR project is to overcome the current local-scale practices of brown bear management and pave the way for transition to population-level conservation, management and monitoring. In a variety of actions we explore what drives conflict “hot-spots”, and use non-lethal solutions to provide best practice examples. We try to demonstrate solutions in preventing bears from reaching anthropogenic food, and explore carrion from game road kills as an alternative natural source of protein. We also promote bears as an eco-tourist attraction, explore public attitudes towards bears, and use this for targeted educational and promotional activities to enhance understanding of this species and promoting co-existence. To find out more about us and about the project visit www.dinalpbear.eu

Discover Dinarics offers responsible nature guided tours that support nature conservation, promote coexistence with wildlife and generate revenue for local communities. All tours follow the guidelines for responsible bear watching and are supervised by an experienced field guide. Group sizes are kept small to cause minimum disturbance to bears and other wildlife. Each product booked through Discover Dinarics gives at least 5% to nature conservation nongovernmental organisations that are registered and active in northern Dinarics. Tours are designed in integrative approach, involving other natural and cultural attractions of the region as well as local companies to show that bears and other wildlife species can be seen as additional attractions for the region and can generate profits for local communities.

Discover Dinarics promotes unique nature guided trips that:

• follow the guidelines for responsible wildlife tourism

• support on-the-ground conservation of wildlife and nature

• promote coexistence and wildlife friendly practices

• support local communities.






Factory for sustainable tourism also called GoodPlace is a non-profit institute and is a place in Slovene society where the ideas of how to develop Slovenian tourism in sustainable way found their home and opportunity to become reality. A key role of GoodPlace is to create the environment, which will encourage forward oriented thinking and will offer a number of solutions and tools how and why implement sustainable management in a travel sector.

GoodPlace stands for goodplace – for innovation, goodplace – for knowledge, goodplace – for solutions, goodplace – for meeting, goodplace to develop and promote sustainable tourism in Slovenia and region of South East Europe.

In three years of experience GoodPlace become a key partner for the region for association Green Destinations, representative of Travelife and developed a number of joint projects with other international partners. GoodPlace also developed Slovenia Green certification scheme for Slovenian Tourist Board, is accredited partner for implementation and a coordinator of Slovenia Green Consortium. Through the consortium GoodPlace aims to simulate development of sustainable tourism offer its promotion and sales. For that reason GoodPlace joined the initiative to develop a travel agency (Visit GoodPlace), which would put the green products on the market.

For more information about the GoodPlace visit www.goodplace.si and for more about the agency visit www.visit-goodplace.com.


The Trips4photos organises photo tours and workshops in Slovenia and wider area. Our team is specialized in landscape, travel, macro and wildlife photography. All tours are provided with a personal approach and constant help with tips and tricks on the terrain as well as in post-processing of your photographs. Our wildlife photography tours are organised in the cooperation with the local hunters, we are committed to traveling in small groups, minimizing disturbance to wildlife and providing non-rushed tours.

For more information about Trips4photos visit: http://www.trips4photos.com or https://www.facebook.com/trips4photos/

If you are a tourism business based in one of the Dinaric countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania or Republic of Macedonia) and you are interested in promoting your nature based tourism products, please contact us at discoverdinarics@gmail.com