Lynx Thematic Trail

Trip summary

Lynx Trail is located near Kočevje – it start and ends near “Koča pri Jelenovem studencu”. It is an easy circular trail marked with the marking of the lynx and perfect for short hike through the forest. The trail is two-parted; the short lynx trail measures 700 m and is equipped with didactic games and information boards in Slovenian and English, where visitors get to learn about largest wild cat in Europe (Lynx lynx). For stunning views, you can take the long lynx trail (2,7 km), which takes you to Mestni vrh and through lynx’s habitat back to Koča pri Jelenovem studencu.

Booklet for children!

Booklet “Follow the footsteps of the lynx Mala“ complements the Lynx Trail and takes children on a very special adventure with lynx Mala and Urša the explorer. Together they will observe the forest, learn about the tracks of different animals and the places where the lynx likes to walk or rest. They will find out how researchers work, why Slovenian lynx are in trouble and how we can help them. With the help of correct answers, children will find a secret password, which will allow them to collect a special prize at the hut or at one of the tourist information centres in Kočevje.

The booklet can be picked up free of charge at Koča pri Jelenovem studencu, the Bearlog Hostel, Camp Jezero and TIC Železnica.

Meet your guide

Lynx Mala is a playful character who accompanies the visitors on the trail.

For guided tours contact Zavod Kočevsko – TIC Hostel Bearlog, by calling +386 599 31 473 or e-mailing:

The lynx trail was created as part of the LIFE Lynx project, in cooperation with local partners Zavod Kočevsko, Planinsko društvo Kočevje and SiDG d.o.o.


Important information

  • The lynx educational trail is suitable for solo visits as well as guided tours for groups of all ages.
  • We recommend wearing trekking boots.