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Following the bear footprints

Hiking, photography and adventure lovers, this is  for you. No wifi, no shops, but pure nature and responsible entry into the bear habitat. Following the bear paw sign, the path reveals to you the most beautiful parts and secrets of the forest of Kočevsko. A real adventure awaits you!

Lynx Thematic Trail

Lynx Trail is an easy circular trail marked with the marking of the lynx and perfect for short hike through the forests near Kočevje and explore lynx’s habitat.

The Lynx Trail Bikepacking Trip

The Lynx Trail Bikepacking route leads you from the DINA Pivka Center of Large Carnivores to the Adriatic Sea into the vibrant city of Rijeka. Crossing the remote karst landscapes of the Dinaric mountains, thick forests, seasonal lakes all the way to the sea, you will learn about the carnivores in the area and take on small quests to fulfill your mission to save the lynx!

Kočevska wildlife & macro photography workshop

Visit the forest areas of the South, where you can experience divine nature. The forests which cover 80% of this region are so well preserved that some areas are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. This area is perfect for macro and wildlife photography. Three of Europe’s large carnivore species (bear, lynx and wolf) live in the area. Explore it with the locals and find amazing viewpoints above the Kolpa river canyon.

Wildlife experience in old Ličko sredogorje

The passionate nature lover will enjoy this program. We will make sure that you will be able to experience everything you have always dreamed of when it comes to wildlife encounters. You will explore the magnificent part of Velebit Mountain area, either by hiking or from a horse back or from the field vehicle.

Brown Bear Watching in his Natural Environment

The Lož valley (Loška dolina) is in the Notranjska region of southern Slovenia, surrounded by the largest concentration of uninhabited forest in Central Europe. This is the ideal living space for many forest animals and just one hour from Green Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana!

A day out with the Bear

Just one hour from the noise of Ljubljana you will find mighty tranquil forests filled with natural wonders, Notranjska hills and discover a rocky Karst soul. And it is here that we invite you to join our experienced guides to follow brown bear (Ursus arctos) trails.

The bear bicycle adventure

Imagine to end the day you spent on an epic tour with your mountain bike, in the untouched nature. You await the night in a tent or under the clear sky. This is the essence of backpacking. Thorough escape from civilization, everyday stress and worries.

In the heart of bear land

Designed for real gourmets. Experienced hunters, guides and photographers will help you experience another dimension of nature holidays. Responsible wildlife watching, supporting locals while enjoying many natural and cultural attractions in the heart of the bear land, that must be seen and experienced.






Learn about the non-cunsumptive use of brown bears in tourism in the guidelines for responsible practices


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